The Best All-Around Online Tea Shop

The Best All-Around Online Tea Shop


Tue, 06/12/2018 - 20:23

My favorite online tea shop is Art of Tea. I wouldn’t say they are the absolute best at anything, but they do everything well. There are shops with flashier websites, but Art of Tea’s looks almost as good and it is easy to navigate. There are shops with better quality teas, but they charge much higher prices. Similarly, shops with much lower prices sell lower quality teas. In short, Art of Tea offers the best value for your money.

More importantly, they allow customer reviews on their websites (any good shop should do this; see my advice below). Star ratings for the individual teas are nice, but for me, the comments left by other customers say much more about a given tea. Tastes differ, so even if others enjoyed a tea and rated it highly, that doesn’t necessarily mean I will enjoy it, too. The comments will tell you why they enjoyed it.

But the real clincher is the samples. Art of Tea sell sample sizes for all of their teas, meaning you can try anything on their site for just a few dollars. I spend a lot of time in Asia and one of my favorite things about buying tea there is getting to try the different varieties in a tea shop before making a purchase. Online shops that offer samples are the next best thing.