Origin of Tea and it’s Medicinal benefits


Tue, 12/04/2018 - 18:09

Have you ever sat back and wondered how this soothing cup of tea came to be in the first place?

Just as any sip of tea takes you wonders back in time, a moment’s replenishment of one’s self is just as satisfying as the tale of the origin of Tea. According to the medical transcripts of Hua Tuo, an ancient physician who states that tea was first used as medicinal purposes. Therefor it is likely that Tea was originated from china during the 3rd century.

Why you should be Tea drinker

It’s hard to find anybody who consumes Tea as a thirst quencher, unless of course it’s a tea mock-tail which surely would be satisfying. The rich tea that you enjoy is made with the tender leaves of the herb Camellia sinensis. A warm cup of tea is usually chosen by people for different reasons. While some are habitual drinkers, who probably would go berserk without their daily dose of tea. The rest are drinkers for many other reasons such as;

  • A boost in metabolism

  • Support the immune system

  • Packed with antioxidants

  • Reduces cholesterol levels

  • Improves skin ailments, hair and nails.


What more other reasons do you need to start drinking tea? For many it’s the simplest form of relaxation, a time well spent with their favorite cup of tea by taking the time away from the day to day chores as life goes on.

Addictive caffeine or medicinal value?

Looking at the demographic of the number of tea lovers across the globe, the question arises, do people actually love Tea and are habitual drinkers or are they merely addicted to the caffeine punch??

Of course, looking at the taste factor, it is indeed delicious but the core reason behind the mindset of the tea lovers are far too many to boil down. As per research, tea leaves derived from Camellia Senensis tree contains substances that are proven to be beneficial for human health. It is also stated that it has immense antioxidants and anticancer properties are rooted in its leaves compared to other herbs. Apart from this we also know that tea gives an immune boost and also cuts down cholesterol levels and stabilizes blood pressure. Which signifies the medicinal value of tea consumption is good for ones wellbeing.

The hype about Herbal Tea

Since the ancient times, proven records state that tea has been used in various forms in multiple encounters. Herbal teas is another aspect that is seething high demands in the global market. This particular type of tea is not the actual tea that we all are familiar with. Herbal teas are a series of combination of dried fruits, herbs and flowers that make up what we know as herbal tea per se!

Pretty amazing to actually know that there are more than 03 billion cups of tea consumed on a daily basis around the world! If that’s not something to get you started and hooked to tea, nothing ever will.