What you should have at Tea O’Clock


Tue, 12/04/2018 - 18:18

Tick Tock its Tea O’clock, it’s your body’s way of letting you know it needs a healthy energy boost. We live in era where we can choose from an array of flavourful aromatic types of teas. However, the discerning tea lover will always choose to be in his comfort zone and stick with his everyday anytime cuppa. Why seclude yourself to this when life is all about exploring and experiencing the unknown.

Is it only for the daring souls?

You might think, you’re not the adventurous type, but think about this, you wake up every day with little or no idea how your day will turn out to be and yet, you face it. You overcome it. You seize the day. Tea exploring is just that, you never know what you may like, dislike and need without giving your pallet a burst in taste. Keep in mind that you can branch out your favourite types of tea during your day. Yes! Believe it or not you CAN! Which means you don’t have to stick to your everyday go to cup of tea, instead you can enjoy a whole new taste around the clock within your day.

6.00 a.m - The morning kick

Lazy mornings are something we all are too familiar with. In order to get that punch, (no I don’t mean getting beaten up) the energized feeling that gets you all warmed up from within, you need to get yourself a warm cup of White Tea. In tea terms, this is known as the Dilmah Ceylon Silver Tips, occasionally sold in the same name too. This is the perfect tea to replenish your pallet while it’s still fresh unlike drinking black tea or green tea which has a chance of causing discomfort.

Here’s a tip! To get that burst of energy from caffeine in the morning, select the highest quality of tea and brew it in steeping hot water. This will bring out that caffeine burst which is just what you need to kick start your morning.

11.30 a.m - Fruity essence for Brunch

Flavored teas are widely available in any leading restaurants and are just the perfect thirst quencher. Go crazy and explore the wide range of tea mock-tails that suit your mood. The selection of fruity flavored teas makes lunch time all the more easier to your digestive system while replenishing your mood. There are many people who fancy flavored tea whilst having lunch as it complements the flavors of their meal and is great when pairing with different dishes. You can get some fantabulous ideas of palate cleansing tea pairing recipes here. Speaking of brunch always leads to high tea indulgence. Check out some of the outstanding high tea recipes from here.

Doesn’t this sound like it’s time to get a Tea Break?

3.30 p.m – Time to Recharge energy

Once lunch is done and while you feel pumped up for the moment, you start to feel the afternoon slump heading towards you. This is when you need to take a break and reboot your energy to carry on the for the next half of the day. Life is all about having that balance, a fine line without going overboard. You need to boost your energy but not so much as it won’t help you fall asleep. “Pur-eh” teas is the ideal solution that will help support your digestion and give you the needed caffeine intake. This probably would be the final cup of caffeine for the day before you begin the wind down towards the night.

10.00 p.m – Sleep Well

For those days when you’ve had a long day and are too exhausted to even wind down, Oolong tea is your choice to go. This type does contain a certain amount of caffeine but it is mild and will not tend to keep you awake at night. Instead it would emit a warm vibe to sooth the end of your day.

Have an eye or a more herbal touch when selecting the appropriate tea, this can have a calming effect and ward off stress. Make tea your wonderful beverage which has endless benefits for one’s health.

So, don’t limit yourself to being in your comfort zone. Explore the different tastes of life and make your everyday chapter more worthwhile.